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Meet the host of Poetry is Not Dead: Eric Montgomery

Headshot of Eric Montgomery, creator and host of the Poetry is Not Dead podcast.


I created the Poetry is Not Dead podcast for two reasons


I love reading aloud, and specifically poetry. Poems are meant to be heard, not just read. Words not only deliver a meaning, but they each deliver a specific sound. And a poem, rhyming or not, has a rhythm or a heartbeat that brings the words to life when read aloud.

Reading anything aloud helps build my vocabulary and helps to ensure I enunciate words clearly when speaking. I started reading aloud when I was operating my last business. Every day, I would write a plethora of emails to clients and organizations. These emails had to be brief, but the language had to be easily understood. I found that reading aloud helped me make sure that what I was writing made sense.


I wanted to create another marketing opportunity for indie poetry authors to get their beautiful words heard!

I don’t charge indie authors for this opportunity, because as an indie author myself, I understand the challenges we face to market our art.

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