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Episode 14: Christine Bode, Book: Eden Redefined

Poetry is Not Dead
Poetry is Not Dead
Episode 14: Christine Bode, Book: Eden Redefined

Today I am reading a few poems from Christine Bode in her current book of poetry titled Eden Redefined.

Eden Redefined, a collection of poems by Christine Bode. Read Aloud on the Poetry is Not Dead Podcast by Eric Montgomery.

In Eden Redefined, Christine bares her soul, teasing every sense by revealing her life as an existential mud wrestler.

Eden Redefined intimately contemplates grief, human vampires, spiritual growth, love in its many guises, pandemic isolation, and the madness of the 21st century.

In 2020, Christine Bode founded a one-stop shop for all your copyediting, proofreading, book reviewing, and Twitter marketing needs called Bodacious Copy. As a professional freelance copy editor, and proofreader, with over a decade of experience in independent publishing and over fifteen years of copyediting experience, Christine’s clients appreciate her ability to help them refine their writing and present their best-written work to the world by accessing the soul and spirit of their words and emphasizing them with uncommon magic.

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