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Episode 3: Javier Rhoden, Book: Altschmerz

Last updated on 01/25/2023

Poetry is Not Dead
Poetry is Not Dead
Episode 3: Javier Rhoden, Book: Altschmerz

In this episode, I am reading several of Javier’s poems from his book titled Altschmerz.

Poetry Author, Javier Rhoden, Book titled Altschmerz. Episode 1, Poetry is Not Dead Podcast by Eric Montgomery.

…anxiety torments you for years, leaving a saturation in tastelessness you remain paralyzed without new perspectives to ponder, with nothing left to do but disgorge them from inner oblivion, only to wander off to the backyard of corpses, ready to dig up the pain in preservation from being buried long ago. Altschmerz is a compound noun, meaning old pain.

In this creative book of prose, you will uncover hard expressions about domestic relationships, friendships, childhood trauma, fear and abuse that will stimulate perspectives towards courage and higher self-esteem. Sensitive but tough. Do you have what it takes to grow in perseverance?

Javier Rhoden is an independent author who has written in many styles and forms, including surrealism, poems, prose, freeverse, rhyme, brevity and vignettes.Javier Rhoden’s work is genuine and real. When reading his art, you can tell you are reading a piece of his heart.

Visit Javier’s website:

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