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Episode 5: Michael Rotondo, Book: Turn Off the Lights

Last updated on 03/16/2023

Poetry is Not Dead
Poetry is Not Dead
Episode 5: Michael Rotondo, Book: Turn Off the Lights

In this episode, I am reading several poems from Mr. Mike’s book titled Turn Off the Lights.

Poetry Author, Michael Rotondo (aka Mr.Mike), Book titled Turn Off the Lights. Episode 5, Poetry is Not Dead Podcast by Eric Montgomery.

Michael is also known as Mr. Mike. His book, Turn Off the Lights, is a collection of poetry dating back to his teenage years that covers a variety of themes, including love, heartbreak, pain, depression, mental health, and concussions.

“Growing up, there was an unwritten rule that men should not express their feelings. As a teenager, it is rather difficult to keep your emotions bottled up. You are navigating the social realm of high school and learning who you are. Why poetry?”

Mr. Mike is also the host of the Wrong Answers Only podcast, where he is on a mission to explore the unique stories of inspiring personalities from different career paths. He interviews guests from all kinds of backgrounds and discusses their life experiences, successes, and failures.

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