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Episode 6: Whitney Aumack, Book: Eclectic Poetry by Whitney

Last updated on 03/15/2023

Poetry is Not Dead
Poetry is Not Dead
Episode 6: Whitney Aumack, Book: Eclectic Poetry by Whitney

In this episode, I am reading several poems from Whitney’s book titled Eclectic Poetry by Whitney.

Poetry Author, Whitney Aumack, Book titled Eclectic Poetry by Whitney. Episode 6, Poetry is Not Dead Podcast by Eric Montgomery.

Eclectic Poetry by Whitney
Deep, insightful, and thought-provoking, Eclectic Poetry by Whitney evokes emotion within its reader. It is a mix of free-form and rhymed poetry using the power of brevity to convey deep thoughts with few words.

In this episode I am reading a few poems from Whitney Aumack in her debut poetry book, “Eclectic Poetry by Whitney.” Which is a short collection of evocative and thought-provoking poetry on life, love, and nature.

When reading Whitney’s work, you can tell she has poured her soul into each poem.

Whitney is a full-time college student based in the Seattle, Washington area. She began writing in her teens and was always drawn to poetry.

In July 2022, Whitney went into recovery from alcohol addiction. She wrote poetry again to distract herself from the cravings during detox and to cope with the flood of emotions she had pushed down for so many years with alcohol. She says that publishing her poetry has been instrumental in her healing and recovery.

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