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Episode 1: Javier Rhoden, Book: Luminescence

Last updated on 01/25/2023

Poetry is Not Dead
Poetry is Not Dead
Episode 1: Javier Rhoden, Book: Luminescence

In this episode, I am reading several of Javier’s poems from his book titled Luminescence.

Poetry Author, Javier Rhoden, Book titled Luminescence. Episode 1, Poetry is Not Dead Podcast by Eric Montgomery

Luminescence brings you on an interesting journey of discovery and empowerment through overcoming insecurities, fear, and self-doubt.

Luminescence includes powerful and positive messages about love, self-love, self-esteem, inner strength, heartbreak, and happiness.

Luminescence is an unforgettable, emotionally heavy yet transformative and enlightening collection that will impact your life positively, help you find wisdom and grow wholesomely into the best version of yourself.

Javier Rhoden is an independent author who has written in many styles and forms, including surrealism, poems, prose, freeverse, rhyme, brevity and vignettes.Javier Rhoden’s work is genuine and real. When reading his art, you can tell you are reading a piece of his heart.

Visit Javier’s website:

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